Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hello there,
Interesting and mostly out of left field! lust a laugh, good lovers, i like being creative and i'm always inspired by what makes people tick!
I am a friendly down-to-earth babe looking to meet someone to share in my adventures. although i can be quite shy at first, when i let my guard down, i know how to have a great time. there is nothing better than a few beers with lovers on a friday afternoon
I enjoy a good book, relaxing with a nice glass of wine, lust my kids, my lovers, nature. good food preferrably that i haven't cooked, i don't do a bad job of cooking i just don't like doing it.

Best of luck and take care

**please do not contact me if you smoke, drink excessively or have children and only gold coast males please because distance never works :)

I am looking to meet genuine true people... i have no time for game players. i believe in speaking your mind, being loyal to lovers and always making the most of what you have.

Sprinkle creative, wise & strong

Sunday, March 19, 2006

here we go, I was born on the land not much of a city chick but will go there to see friends, i like getting my hands dirty fixing things, rodeo's,hunting,volleyball etc. Im a single mum of 1, im not looking a (dad) 4 my son just a friend who enjoys having a child aorund, there's alot more i would like to say but hey work is calling so if u want to get to know me send me a smiley and lets see what happens.

I'm kind,freindly and an easy going person.Im looking for some new freinds to chat with.I am intersted to meet new people and have a good chat. So yeah feel free to chat with me o.k

a wolf shows strength when needed 2 protect herself or her cubs needing no1 shes loving & nurturing, friendly and trusting a simple being that is unpredicable & yet reliable. courage & strength. versitility in all its forms she is i & i is she.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The music played in the background as Rosalyn danced the night away. She was a stunning Streamate Cams, slender, and hips swayed gracefully with the music. Her partner was Hispanic and his body moved with hers, as they slow danced together.From across the room, a tall handsome man, with brown hair and a curly moustache smiled behind his glass of wine as he watched them closely, admiring them, the way they moved and their togetherness.
He knew from the way his face tingled that he wanted both of them. Rosalyn and her partner were a very hotcouple, they loved dancing, loved sex and they both knew how to satisfy the other.